Parentheses Journal – “Van For Sale”

Necessary Fiction – “What the Jesus Man’s Eyes Won’t See”

Best Microfiction 2020 – “Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me (1987)” – first appeared in Paper Darts

The South Carolina Review – “The Long-Distance Runner” – recipient of Ronald Moran Prize in Fiction

Best Small Fictions 2019 – “Forty-Five Feet” – first appeared in Split Lip Magazine

Cease, Cows – “This Is the Key” – 3rd place 2019 Scary Story Contest – nominated for Best Small Fictions 2020

Paper Darts – “Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me (1987)” – 2018 “Bright” Micro Fiction Contest Winner

Outlook Springs – “The Doppelgängers of Thurston Place”

matchbook – “Life Cycle”

Barrelhouse – “The Henchman’s Party”

Midwestern Gothic – “Uncle Soot” – 2018 Summer Flash Contest – Round 1 Winner

CRAFT – “The Color of Water”

Pidgeonholes – “The Cartoon Villain”

Split Lip Magazine – “Forty-Five Feet”

Monkeybicycle – “Her Husband’s Impala”

The Cincinnati Review – “Icebox”

SmokeLong Quarterly – “The Cartographers”

Ellipsis Zine – “Fat Hands”

Cleaver Magazine – “The Catalog People of 1978”

Fanzine – “The Inbetween Spaces”

jmmw – “Backbeat”

Mrs Rochester’s Attic – “The Sleep Walker” (reprint)

The Tishman Review – “Francine Francis” – nominated for The Best Small Fictions 2018

Necessary Fiction – “The Truth About Goldfish”

Right Hand Pointing – “The Barker and the Seal”

Juked – “The Hand of the Father”

The Golden Key – “The Sleep Walker”

Bartleby Snopes – “Of Vanished Whelks”


Joshua Jones lives in Maryland and works as an animator. His fiction has appeared in numerous publications, and he reads for Pithead Chapel.

Email him at joshnjones [at]

Find him on Twitter @jnjoneswriter